A Cut Above: Private Resorts in Fiji

Private Resorts in Fiji

Private Resorts in Fiji: How We are Different

What makes private resorts in Fiji a cut above other guest accommodation? Everything. These luxury properties take convenience and service to the next level, to provide a vacation that is truly extraordinary and unmatched by traditional hotels and resorts. If you haven’t experienced the upgrade in creature comforts and intangible benefits of a private resort, like Raiwasa on Taveuni, you should.

Gain Privacy and Freedom Beyond Your Guest Room

An obvious advantage of private resorts in Fiji, over any other type of accommodation, is privacy. In a hotel, you share common areas and amenities with every other guest. This includes use of the swimming pool, terraces, and, of course, dining facilities. The only truly secluded space is in your room, which can quickly become cramped, crowded space, particularly when traveling with your family or a group.

A private resort offers a substantially different experience in terms of privacy. Not only can you wander the entire property in a bathrobe or bathing suit, but also enjoy dinner in any attire and spend an entire morning in your pajamas. It is a freeing experience that is about much more than what you wear. The unconditional, unmitigated freedom at a private resort, such as Raiwasa in Fiji, allows for an uncompromised vacation.

Eliminate Any Disturbances at Private Resorts in Fiji

There are substantial annoyances at a hotel or traditional resort that many people never consider to be negotiable. Most of the time, we accept these disturbances even in the nicest hotels. For example, the arrival of the cleaning staff during breakfast in bed, trying to catch a waiter’s attention in a crowded dining room, or swimming up to the bar with thirty unfamiliar and unwanted faces. These are the annoyances that people put up with to go on vacation.

Yet, these intrusions into your holiday do not have to be part of the experience.

A private resort provides the opportunity to vacation entirely on your own schedule and preferences. There will never be a wakeup call, unless requested, or a noisy stranger in the room next to yours. Dinner can be any time of day and the staff always available. Do not wait for a drink or wonder if a lounge chair is taken. Plus, when you eliminate all of these distractions and interruptions by staying at one of the private resorts in Fiji, holiday returns to what it should be, complete relaxation.

Experience a New Array of Amenities

A hotel or resort simply cannot offer the level of amenities provided by a private resort. From six unique and entirely private dining locations, to a secluded swimming pool overlooking the ocean, each aspect of the private resort is arranged to satisfy a small group, not a hotel full of people. This provides a level of luxury and indulgence that even an upscale hotel will never attain.

Even the activities are designed for privacy and the individual. Whether you prefer a spa treatment or kayaking adventure, each day unfolds at your pace. For the duration of your stay, you are not simply a priority among other guests, but the sole concern of the villa’s staff and management. At Raiwasa Private Resort, this means a staff of seven looking after your every desire.

All While Feeling at Home

When you step onto the property of a private resort, it becomes your home for a week or more, without any of the stress that comes with reality. This intangible sense of “home” is the most significant aspect of a private resort that a hotel or a public resort cannot replicate. And it doesn’t come from the size or significance of the property, but the knowledge that it is all yours.

If you are ready for to be entranced by the luxury and beauty of one of the best private resorts in the world, book your stay at Raiwasa Private Resort in Fiji. We provide an experience that is unlikely any other property and a stay that is truly a cut above other accommodation in Fiji. You can call at +1-310-598-2176 or book directly through our website.

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