Dining at Raiwasa Grand Villa is a gastronomic journey of discovery.

Let your taste buds be tantalized by the culinary skills of executive chef Richie and his team. Choose gourmet meals personalized to suit your mood of the day—cuisine influenced by the diverse cultures of the Pacific Rim and especially Fiji itself.

Enjoy the freshest of ingredients grown just steps away from the magnificence of Raiwasa Grand Villa….exotic, mouth-watering fruits and vegetables. Savor the locally-caught island fish and spices from the nearby rainforest.

And all of this served at whichever of your five private dining areas matches your mood.

Dining experiences that will become treasured memories.

I see the act of dining as more than nourishing your body. I invite you to be partners in a culinary adventure. Use your time to connect with your significant other, family or friends around the table. Let me, as your chef, provide you with the ritual of delicate intense pleasures in a five course dinner experience, in one of our six unique dining locations. My team and I will cater to any of your dietary requirements and food preferences. And if your desire is to be adventurous let us explore some of the more unusual fare available to the local Fijians and not readily available in the other resorts.

Richie, Executive Chef

As a Frenchman, gastronome and amateur chef who has experienced some of the world’s best restaurants I feel that a great dining experience should be a harmonious symphony of scents, textures and flavors that simultaneously challenge but soothe your senses. It should leave you satisfied but longing for more. Because of Richie’s passion for cooking I often find my senses startled in such a way forcing me to pay undivided attention to his culinary creations.


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