"One word : Perfection. My Raiwasa experience is unforgettable. This place is more than a very high level of luxury resort.. Raiwasa has a soul. It's authentic, and out of the time and space. Everything is anticipated, every wish is provided... It's like living the dream from the beginning to the end, and Richie is such a brillant chef. Very good balance and creativity in all the menu. He would be so successful in Paris !!"

Mathilde M, Paris France

My husband and I just spent 6 days at Raiwasa. Nothing prepared us for the experience that we lived. We where heading home to the US from Melbourne and stopped over in Taveuni at Raiwasa. We were greeted with an unbelievably warm welcome with Fijian warriors in full garb. The short walk on the coral path brought us to the most amazing shimmering view of the ocean. Literally mesmerizing… The pictures on the web site are beautiful but do not do the expansive view justice. We are very private people and only saw the staff when we requested interaction. Below is my attempt of capturing the experience we enjoyed. The house is gorgeous, its flows beautifully. It has an inside outside feel to it, large rolling doors open on two sides of the living room to a huge covered wrap around deck where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of Fiji. The outdoor bathrooms are amazing. The pool is great at a perfect depth to swim but also to stand up and laze around. They have a small private beach area above the ocean, which is also great, and a little hut to stay out of the sun where you can read and listen to the ocean. My husband Gabe asked for flavored coffee on the first day, but there was none available on the island. But little known to us Richie took it upon himself to have hazelnut and vanilla flavored coffee flown in on the next flight. The next morning without us asking, a great flavored coffee appeared during breakfast. The attention to detail was special and the feeling we received from the staff was honest and genuine. There is an “as you wish” culture at every point of the entire experience. It is really special, something that we have never experienced anywhere else. The food was spectacular and we quickly realized the passion that Richie brought to our food preparation. While you can completely control what you want to eat we finally just gave in and told Richie, just makes us whatever you want and we where not disappointed. Gabe and I really enjoyed the food and wine experience, we where under the Platinum package and had an extensive choice of wines to chose from. The wine list is impressive, all New Zealand and Australian and it was fun to experience wines from this part of the world. Richie pairs a wine with every meal and he never missed. I personally fell in love with Richie’s Walu, what an amazing fish (I had never eaten before) and so well prepared. The island fries made with local potatoes and home made paprika lime Aioli where also to die for. The avocado, panacotta salad was wow and Richie even made a chocolate lava cake on request because Gabe is such a chocoholic. Now the massages: Perfect !!!! Lo was amazing, great variety to chose from on the spa menu, stuff that I have never done before like the sugar scrub and Dilo wrap. Gabe fell asleep during the massages they where so relaxing. We had a massage everyday! I have some knee pain but we spent some time visiting the Bouma falls, which are very accessible through a flat walkway (the service team has prepared something for us but I am not going to ruin it by telling you). We took the private boat to snorkel on the rainbow reef, which also was amazing. Next time we go we will experience the Lavena waterfalls, the sea was a little rough this time around to do it. Overall we were treated to some amazing small surprises along the way from before we arrived to after we left that made the experience special and catered. My husband Gabe and I have traveled the world and been to some very special places, 5, 6 or even 7 stars, we have been to many of them but Raiwasa is on another level (for altogether different reasons). These stars systems show the level of amenities, which of course many are above Raiwasa’s. But Raiwasa is real, genuine human connection with the staff catering to only our needs in a beautiful setting, great service and food. Raiwasa is one of the best vacations ever because it was so personalized to us. We are already recommending it to friends and family and will be back for sure. I never write reviews and I have been scratching my head about how I can balance this review with something negative or something to improve. I am giving up ! There nothing to change, perfection I can’t find anything bad to say so I wont. I look forward to coming back and having the people I love experience this little piece of paradise. I hope this is helpful to people, I enjoyed writing it.

Sarah and Gabe, Palm Beach Florida

" Absolute perfection ! From the moment we made the initial contact with Patrick enquiring about a stay at Raiwasa, we knew we were onto a winner. Before we even boarded our flight to Fiji; Patrick, Richie, Rosie and the team had put an incredible amount of forethought into our arrival. Traveling with young children can be challenging at the best of times, and with our youngest son being on the autism spectrum, it can throw all sorts of additional curve balls. The whole team were incredibly prepared and Rosie jumped in as the little guys personal nanny. She had done research on ASD and after 9 days with him I can honestly say that she understood his quirks as much as many people that have known him his whole life. Rosie is an incredibly patient and kind hearted soul, and she gave us the confidence to go out with our 5 year old - snorkelling on the rainbow reef and out the front of the villa, kayaking to nearby islands, paddle boarding, kayak 'surfing' and hanging out in the gorgeous pool - knowing Mr3 was in safe and loving hands. And he was happy. We arrived to a gorgeous welcome, with the whole team to greet us with fabulous warmth, beautiful singing, stunning leis. And found ourselves in the most incredibly serene location with views that I cannot do justice to with words. Just incredible. I am a big foodie - have been a chef for over 25 years, a lot of that time spent running kitchens and working in various 5 star resorts and hotels - and the food we experienced at Raiwasa was as good as, and in many instances even better, than I have seen in a multitude of worldwide locations. The menu was extensive, and Richie was more than happy to adapt and create anything else we felt like eating. Requests for sushi and sashimi platters, goat curry, homemade gluten free breads and baking for Mr 3 and even pain au chocolat for sir, were greeted with enthusiasm and executed perfectly. The thought and attention to detail that went into every meal was quite astounding, wine pairing and table settings included. The villa was kept spotlessly clean, with beautiful pure Fiji products in the pristine indoor/outdoor bathrooms and the nicest towels I've ever used. Super comfortable pillow selection too! It was mind blowing to have such an amazing piece of paradise all to ourselves. Beautifully manicured gardens. A great deal of the fruit and vegetable produce being used in the kitchen is being grown on site - the garden tour is a must! A short Walk through the property down to the waters edge where we had all the water sports available, (and the option to be accompanied by Sikeli) including snorkelling, hand line fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Bonfires on the beach, lovo in the backyard, day trips to the waterfalls and rainbow reef, to local beaches to hunt for shells, kayaking to local islands, massages overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean, and endless hours by the world class pool. We could not have wished for a more perfect holiday. Heartfelt thanks to the Raiwasa team - as far as perfection goes - you nailed it. We cannot recommend this island dream enough. And words will not convey how magical our holiday was. The place. The people. Thank you. We will be back!

Angie H, Auckland New Zealand

"My wife and I stayed at Raiwasa April 2017. From the moment we were greeted by Babu at the airport with a cold water and a huge smile, we knew we were in for something spectacular. I refer to Raiwasa as my great reset. As the CEO of two software companies, I've had one too many sleepless nights and 80+ hour work weeks. I needed something more than our annual trip to Maui with the kids. I needed serious R&R, something different, a real chance to connect with my wife, get spoiled and fill the soul. Raiwasa crushed it. This place combines the best of so many things...a quaint island, an amazing 3-acre villa overlooking the ocean, world-class food, once-in-a-lifetime activities and a staff lead by Richie and Rosie. Trust me, you will be scheming ways to smuggle them back home. There was a genuine friendship that we developed with everyone that I actually got a bit teared up at the airport. No joke. It's real and difficult to put into words. This is a special place run by special people. We will be back. Vinaka Vinaka vaka levu. "

Darik and Tiffany Volpa Reno, Nevada

"Raiwasa Grand Villa is an outstanding luxury property/ location offering everything a 5 star resort offers and more. You have 10 dedicated staff looking after your every need. They are at your service at the push of a button and went out of their way to make sure our short break was everything we wanted it to be. The food created by Richie is outstanding with a great selection of champagne, wines and beer. The view from every angle is stunning and elevated so you can see for miles. Everything Raiwasa offers is about attention to detail even down to the most immaculate gardens we have seen in Fiji. We lead busy lives and came away relaxed and could only wish we could have spent more time enjoying the luxury. Everything about Raiwasa exceeded our expectations and we will certainly be back for more!"

S A, Australia

"We spent 14 days at Raiwasa Grand Villa and it was like we landed in Paradise! We decided to elope to get married and have our honeymoon in one place. After an extensive research and a lot of reading about Fiji, we found Taveuni Island. We decided that the island had everything we where looking for, not too touristy, wonderful nature with waterfalls and nature walks and hikes. Beaches and snorkeling and world-class diving and it just looked so tranquil. The island for filled all our needs for adventure and beauty. We where looking for the best accommodation on the island and we decided that privacy and to get a customized wedding and personalized stay was the way we wanted to go. We found Raiwasa by chance (web search) and right away after emailing and talking to Patrick we knew this was it! What he promised us was just 20% of what we received, we where treated to so many surprises. Everything was so easy from start to end. We just filled in all our wishes and dreams in a form and emailed it to Patrick. From how we imagined the wedding (a down to earth wedding by the ocean, lot’s of flowers and our rings in a shell and just us) to what food we liked and disliked. Everything was absolutely amazing! Our wedding was the best day of our life and the staff at Raiwasa went out of their way to make it extra special and beautiful. They even planted a coconut tree in our name for when we return. Our honeymoon followed after which was amazing. Riche who is the manger and also the chef is outstanding; he made everything just “happen”. He also made food that was so good that we could have just spend all day eating. He is making magic in the kitchen and listen carefully what we liked and did not care for too much and made every dinner customized just for us. Almost everything you eat comes from the garden or the ocean. My husband even dared to try fresh tuna sushi, which he would never eaten at home and he loved it! We bought the platinum package so everything was included from food and drinks to excursion and spa and car with chauffeur! We spent our time between relaxing by the pool and getting massages by the beach. We really wanted to relax and not have other guests making noise around us and this is place is ultra private. If you have a special occasion to celebrate this is a once in a lifetime treat. Besides the absolutely gorgeous place, they also have an incredible "staff" of 10, all for us. Babu, who was our private guide/chauffeur, took us around the island and he has a wealth of knowledge about Taveuni. He is also a very entertaining and funny guy who made us laugh nonstop. Thank you Rosie and Lo we will never forget your laughs and friendly Fijian way of being and how you made everything so incredible special on our wedding day (well everyday was amazing!). The boys in the garden, thank you for all the beautiful decorations on our wedding day and for the great surprise of being dressed as Fijian Warrior and walked me down the isle. We went as I said to relax and have forever memories and we got everything we where looking for in holiday. No stress, no pressure, it's Fiji time. One thing is certain: We will be back to check out our wedding palm tree."

Daniel W, Sweden

“Raiwasa Grand Villa is in a completely different league from anything we have ever experienced…breathtaking, panoramic ocean views… beautiful private setting. The staff is absolutely the friendliest, always smiling. They cater to all your needs at the villa and all of your adventures as well! We loved the Bouma water falls and the Lavena coastal walk was magical! Paddling out to see the dolphins before breakfast was a first for us. The food was beyond all expectations. Everything Richie served was wonderful! But my favorites were the fresh seafood and coconut cream-based dishes. I have never seen my husband, who works so hard, able to relax like he did. We can’t wait to go back.”

Shawn Peckham, Colorado

“My husband and I experienced a few days in paradise…no words strong enough to describe how we felt…extremely private, exclusive and low key. Settled on top of a hill, with the glittering turquoise water at eye level, and surrounded by tropical flowers, palm trees, we were left speechless…it’s even better than the pictures. Richie and Rosie and the staff gave us the best service we had ever experienced, so friendly and personalized. The meals and food presentation were fantastic. Rosie with her warm smile, like a fairy, arranged flowers in every corner of the house. They made our stay a dream, and leaving them was hard... Walking in the garden when the sun rose, admiring those rare red palms, tropical fruits hanging here and there, and beautiful flowers…it all made our days even happier!”

Sabine Couture, Paris France

“I am 75-years-old and no newbie to travel and I have to say Raiwasa was great. I only rent private properties because if you choose them properly they have the same amenities as the best luxury resorts, but with absolute privacy. Plus, I am too old to fight for a sun bed. The staff met all my needs without fuss or delay and was well-trained and unobtrusive. My skilful massage therapist, Lo, came to the house every day for my 60 minutes of indulgence. Raiwasa rivals my best experiences in Thailand and Bali.”

Anne B, Switzerland

"Taveuni,the Garden island .... welcome to the paradise. We just spent 3 days at Raiwasa Grand Villa in Taveuni Fiji. Such amazing location with a very unique view! I am an Italian national that works in the Food and Beverage hospitality industry since long time,including cruise lines. I must admit that I was really impressed with the property, it was very well maintained and the view, wow one of the best I have seen in Fiji. The staff was extreme friendly and wanted to help us enjoy our stay. Richie is the Executive Chef with a great experience in the and you can feel that. The food was exquisite and so well presented, my wife and son also had an amazing time.We will plan on coming back as soon as we have the time off. Vinaka"

Jonathan, Italy
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