Top 5 Most Popular Fiji Luxury Escapes Offered by Raiwasa

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5 Fiji Luxury Adventures Worth Your Time


From the moment you arrive at Raiwasa Grand Villa, it is obvious that the location, hospitality, and luxury of the property is unmatched. This is not only the must luxurious villa in Taveuni, but also in the whole of Fiji. While many guests can imagine their entire holiday spent soaking in the infinity pool and relaxing on the oceanfront terrace, Raiwasa provides a plethora of island experiences that encompass Fiji luxury and enthrall visitors to Taveuni.

As you plan your dream vacation to Fiji, consider these five popular Fiji luxury escapes that are offered by Raiwasa.


#1: Scuba Dive the Rainbow Reef

Off the coast of Taveuni are reefs populated by over 1,000 species of fish and an abundance of coral. There are few places in the world with as much soft coral as Taveuni’s reefs, which has earned them the title of “soft coral capital of the world.” The colors will dazzle even an experienced diver, but Raiwasa Grand Villa also provides the opportunity for novice and intermediate divers to experience the underwater wonders in Fiji.

The most famous dive sites from Taveuni are along the Rainbow Reef. This reef is located between Taveuni and Vanua Levu, and draws divers from all over the world, who dream of its crystal waters, extensive coral, and stunning tropical fish. Diving at Rainbow Reef is truly dreamlike, with some of the ocean’s most impressive creatures, such as manta rays and sea turtles, swimming within the blue water.

Raiwasa Grand Villa partners with the premier dive operator in Taveuni to provide the same Fiji luxury while diving, as found while on our stunning property.


#2: Hike to Tavoro Waterfall

The Taveuni jungle is steamy and dense, but among the incredible foliage are several natural treasures that shouldn’t be missed while staying on the island. The staff at Raiwasa Grand Villa would be amiss not to advise a break from the beach in search of the stunning Tavoro Waterfall

When it comes to Fiji luxury, hiking isn’t likely to be the first activity on your list, but once you discover the Tavoro Waterfall, we are certain you will agree this hillside hike is fantastic adventure with a romantic destination.


#3: Kayak to Matei

For most visitors to Fiji the luxury is not only found in a villa or spa service, but the healing power of the sea. One of the easiest ways to escape dry land is in a sea kayak. Guests at Raiwasa will have exclusive use of two kayaks during their stay. Docked just below the villa, it is possible to go for a morning paddle or sunset escapade. The team at Raiwasa Grand Villa handles the heavy lifting to get the kayaks into the water and will ensure you return to the villa sun-soaked and safe.

A short paddle and popular destination from the Raiwasa Grand Villa is Matei point. Other options include exploring the many bommies a short distance from shore, where sea turtles, manta rays, and tropical fish congregate.


#4: Coastal Fishing in the Somosomo Strait

It is a short jaunt from shore where a fishing expedition begins. Within five minutes, visitors are on the Somosomo Strait, a body of water teeming with small yellow fin tuna, black marlin, blue marlin, mahi-mahi giant trevally, and more. The scattered islands, ribbon reefs, and sandy flats throughout the Somosomo Strait are home to white tip reef sharks, sea turtles, and even dolphins, which all make for exciting viewing, if not catching, throughout the day.


#5: Starlight from the Villa

Raiwasa Grand Villa is an escape all its own. The lavish interiors and beautiful grounds provide the perfect hideaway amongst Taveuni’s tropical landscape. Here, the stresses and pressures of life give way to relaxation. If by daylight, the Raiwasa villa is charming and sophisticated, and at night it is enchanting.

After sunset, the sky above Taveuni becomes a blanket of stars that will leave you breathless. There is no light pollution or disruptions, just you and the stars. It is a Fiji luxury escape that needs no tour guides, requires no driving or planning, but is sure to transport you far from home.

To discover the Fiji luxury embodied by Raiwasa Grand Villa visit our website and book your unforgettable holiday today!

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