Vacation Rentals in Fiji Are Here to Stay: How Raiwasa Grand Villa Is a Cut Above

Vacation Rentals in Fiji

Vacation Rentals in Fiji


There are thousands of island destinations around the world. Each offers a unique experience that really can’t be replicated in a different location or culture. Yet, there is something magical about Fiji. This archipelago isn’t just different from other locations it’s better.
A closer look at the Fijian island of Taveuni reveals some of the secrets behind Fiji’s longevity as a dream vacation spot and a bit of insight into the indescribable mystic that makes Fiji special.

Surprising Landscape Forms the Perfect Hideaway

Everyone expects the white sand, astoundingly beautiful beaches of Fiji. These are the images posted to Instagram and placed on postcards. Without a doubt, Fiji has some beautiful beaches, but what surprises people is the dense jungle that constitutes Taveuni’s interior.

The island is covered in dense foliage that is beautifully untamed. Across the island is a stunning array of plant and birdlife that captivates visitors. There is even a tropical wildflower, called tagimoucia, that only grown on Taveuni and nowhere else in the world. Many visitors leave as enthralled by this ancient jungle as they are by Fiji’s water adventures.

At the edge of this jungle sits one of Fiji’s luxury accommodations, Raiwasa Grand Villa. With the tropics at its back and fantastic ocean views in front, Raiwasa Grand Villa embodies both aspects of this stunning island. The villa takes advantage of Taveuni’s jungle and swaying palm trees to hideaway from the rest of the world, and becomes a seemingly secret location for anyone who visits.

In this way, the jungle becomes not just a surprising geographical feature, but also a big part of why Raiwasa Grand Villa feels truly separate from your stress, worries, and daily life.


Of Course, the Water

It is difficult to describe all the colors encompassed in Fiji’s crystal waters. Many have tried and many have failed. Therefore, we have deemed to leave the description to your own eyes when you visit Raiwasa Grand Villa.

From Raiwasa, it is easy to reach the Rainbow Reef, a reef that is home to over 1,000 types of fish and some of the most colorful coral in the ocean. Here, the grandeur of the underwater world is on display, and it draws divers and snorkelers from around the world. However, this reef is in contrast to much of Taveuni’s coast, which is formed by rolling hills and cliff sides. There, the gorgeous water does not lap upon the sand but shows strength as it hits the shore.


An Empty Island, Full of Wonder

As the massive amount of interior jungle indicates, the majority of Taveuni is still undeveloped. It seems poised to remain this way for a long time, as only 9,000 people live on the bigger island and the coast is dotted with just a few properties. This leaves plenty of space for nature, and on Taveuni there are great swaths of untouched land, much of which is protected within Bouma National Heritage Park

The local communities that do inhabit the island still rely on trade and traditional customs. It’s short travel time to Taveuni from the airport on Nadi, but world’s away. The ability to find high-end properties, such as Raiwasa Grand Villa, in such a remote destination is unique. Despite a lack of surrounding infrastructure or even tourism, Raiwasa Grand Villa delivers an unparalleled guest experience.

A staff of ten caters to every need during your stay and beautiful indoor spaces embrace the island’s natural beauty while providing incredible comfort. Raiwasa’s expansive terrace, Bali hut, and infinity swimming pool offer epic views across Fiji’s gorgeous coastline and out over the Somosomo Strait. The balance of luxury and nature is on display in every aspect of Raiwasa Grand Villa.

The continued focus on sustainability and steady growth mean Taveuni will feel wondrously empty for a long time to come.


Lasting & Unrivaled Hospitality

It is the natural wonder of Taveuni that brings people to book flights and hotels, but at Raiwasa we know that what really sets Fiji’s luxury properties apart from other places in the world is our hospitality. The Fijian people are incredibly friendly and ready to welcome visitors to their paradise in the South Pacific.

It is the incredible service that sets Raiwasa Grand Villa a cut above any competition. To book your luxury stay at Raiwasa, Contact Us today!

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