5 Features to Look For in a Fiji Private Resort

fiji private resort

Picture your perfect vacation in Fiji. It begins in a light, airy room that overlooks the ocean. From there you grab a robe and spend the early hours sipping coffee on a secluded veranda. During the day you explore Fiji’s underwater world with the best guides in Fiji. As the sunsets, your day also concludes with a fantastic glass of wine on the balcony and an exquisite meal for two.

These are the highlights, but what separates a good Fiji private resort from a great one, are the details. Whether this is the first time you’ve stayed at a resort property or the fiftieth, you should be on the lookout for a Fiji private resort to provide a few key, detailed amenities.

#1: Private Access to the Ocean


While on vacation in Fiji, access to the beach is one luxury you shouldn’t forgo. To overlook the ocean is mesmerizing, but to take a morning dip in this crystal, clear water is divine. The ocean is likely the main reason you chose Fiji in the first place, and you’ll be want to reach it, without any trouble, at any time of the day. To eliminate the need for arranging transportation or considering logistics, choose a Fiji private resort with beach access.

It’s even better if your resort owns a secluded beach, where you can have the oceanfront all to yourself. Then, you’re guaranteed total seclusion and privacy while taking a swim.

#2: Shower Under the Sun (or Stars)


It’s a rare opportunity that allows you to shower outside while in total privacy. But properties in the tropics, specifically Fiji private resorts, are known for providing the exclusive arrangement of having your shower and bathtub located outdoors. At Raiwasa, we’ve turned your outdoor shower and bathtub into a stunning, private oasis. Surrounding your honeymoon bath are Fiji’s famous flowers and jungle plants. The outcome? Never have you been more relaxed than taking a soak in our bathtubs designed for two.

#3: 24/7 Security and Staff on the Property


Modern hotels are adept at providing constant security, housekeeping, and concierge service, but the same level of commitment isn’t often available at private villas and rental homes. Very often you’ll find that owners show you to the private property and then leave you to your own devices. Not at a property like Raiwasa. Our dedicated staff of 12, led by your private chef and local host, Richie, is on the property around the clock.

Not only is this excellent team responsible for your comfort, but also your security. While Fiji is incredibly safe for visitors, and incidents involving tourists are rare, our security personnel ensure that you always feel as safe as you are.

#4: Full-Kitchen for Snacks and Between Meal


Certain touches make a resort feel like a home, and having a full-kitchen is one of those amenities. Don’t worry, you’ll never be required to cook at a Fiji private resort, as at Raiwasa, but the option to grab a snack or have tea is always there. Plus, you can keep your favorite fruits and cold beers on hand. At Raiwasa, we also stock our kitchen with fresh-baked cookies in our never-ending cooking jar. You’ll be grateful to have these nibbles after a kayak, jungle hike, or swim.

#5: Views Without a Town or City in Sight


Staying at a Fiji private resort is your opportunity to truly get away from it all. You don’t want to ruin your chance at total seclusion by having a town, village, or city within the sights of your resort. Instead, pick a property that is located in a more remote and rural location. You’ll have the luxury of untainted and undisturbed vistas from your villa, but also the indulgence of only hearing the rhythmic waves and Fijian jungle during your stay.

Raiwasa Private Resort isn’t just another villa or resort property, our amenities and team are a step above. Let us show you the height of boutique accommodation in Fiji when you spend a week at our private property.

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