5 Fiji Photo Opportunities You Won’t Want to Miss on Your Vacation

fiji photo opportunities

Fiji is a photographer’s dream destination. First, Fiji offers an incredible diversity of landscapes and topographies. A photographer can capture the beautiful beach shots you see on screensavers in the morning and be deep in the jungle to shoot a waterfall by afternoon. Mountains, seaside cliffs, palm trees, and coral reefs all offer opportunities for a gorgeous image.

Second, it’s hard to take a bad photo in Fiji. The morning light is soft and sensual, ideal for capturing peaceful moments or secluded beaches, while the bright sunlight of afternoon scream, “this is where you’d rather be.” Of course, sunset is a stellar show that happens nightly in this dream destination.

Yet, as with all gorgeous destinations, there are some Fiji photo opportunities you simply can’t miss on your next vacation. Here are five.

#1: The Classic Beach Shot


Fiji has thousands of beaches. Some are fantastic for surfing, while others ideal for solitude and calm waters. You’re likely to snap photos on a number of beaches during a Fiji vacation, but just as the waves and water make certain beaches better for surfing and others snorkeling, the same is true for photography.

If you’re looking to capture the Fijian beaches you see on postcards, then Natadola Beach on Viti Levu’s Coral Coast is spacious and stunning. Plus, located on the mainland, it’s very accessible. If you’re traversing other islands, the budget friendly Yasawa Islands provides some stunning opportunities to photograph white-sand beaches. But if you’re looking for something different, then Taveuni’s black, volcanic beaches are just the place.

#2: The Suspension Bridge at Lavena Coastal Walk


Whether you’re a professional photographer or capturing photos for Instagram, it’s always a plus to know about the undiscovered spots. While the Lavena Coastal Walk is one of Taveuni’s top spots for a day hike, the photogenic suspension bridge along the path is relatively unknown to visitors.

This beautiful coastal path meanders along volcanic black-sand beaches and tropical jungle. Several spots offer good light and gorgeous scenery to take pictures, but it’s the suspension bridge over the Wainibau Stream that’s something unique. However, as a bonus, along the Lavena Coastal Walk you’ll also discover one of Taveuni’s jungle waterfalls.

#3: The Sigatoka Sand Dunes on the Coral Coast


From beach, to jungle, and then to sand dunes, we promised that Fiji’s ever-changing landscape provided fascinating places to photographer, and this is yet another example. However, unlike the Lavena suspension bridge, this unique place in Fiji is no secret.

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes was the first national park in Fiji. The government, determined to protect this standout location, established a protected park in 1987. Since then, visitors and locals have enjoyed the expansive sand dunes within the parameters of their protected status.

There’s a two-hour walk across the Sigatoka Sand Dunes that will give you several vistas over the dunes, but we highly recommend going early for the less intense light, sunrays over the dunes, and lack of people.

#4: Fiji’s Underwater World


Another Fiji photo opportunity you simply can’t leave without is a phenomenal underwater shot. Grab your Go-Pro, red lens, flippers, and mask – it’s time to book a snorkel tour. There is so much to see along Fiji’s coral reefs and along the country’s thousands of bommies. You’re certain to see some of the world’s most beautiful tropical fish, including moorish idols, angel fish, triggerfish, and lion fish. As well, the number of turtles, sharks, eels, and rays that live in Fiji’s waters frequently make their own exciting appearances on a snorkel or scuba dive.

While most underwater photographers are excited by the opportunity to see these interesting fish and other marine life, the true highlight is the coral. Being the Soft Coral Capital of the World, Fiji entices some of the world’s best underwater photographers and scuba divers to its reefs. The colors you can see in this underwater world will, simply, amaze you.

Head to the, aptly named, Rainbow Reef off the coast of Taveuni for some of the best underwater photography in the world.

#5: The View from Raiwasa’s Infinity Pool


Raiwasa’s cliffside location and 180º view are a photographer’s dream. Pull out your wide-angle lens to fit the entire scene into a single frame or setup several shots from along Raiwasa’s infinity pool and wrap-around deck. Given that the entire property is yours, and yours alone, for the week, you won’t have any pesky tourists hogging the ideal locations by taking selfies or ruining you otherwise perfect photo.

Ready to see these Fiji photo opportunities through your own lens? Contact Raiwasa at info@raiwasa.com.

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