5 Reasons to Choose Fiji for Your Winter Getaway

winter getaway

Traditionally, summer was seen as the season of vacationing in the United States, Europe, and other places in the Northern Hemisphere. An extended holiday coincided perfectly with the summer break from school, and families would close up shop and head somewhere with a beach. For many families, this tradition holds true.

June and July are still the biggest months for travel in the United States, and the cities of Europe empty during the August break. However, more people are taking opportunities to travel during the colder, winter months. And this year, we have five reasons why you winter getaway must be to Fiji.

#1: It’s Always Hot in Fiji


Let’s talk about temperature. After all, the biggest reason people want to take a trip in January or February is to escape the frigid cold of their hometown or city. A winter getaway offers a reprieve from the sleet, snow, and gray skies, and with this in mind, Fiji is your perfect destination.

The temperature fluctuates very little on the island of Taveuni. The climate is temperate, particularly when compared to other tropical destinations that can see the extreme heat in their hottest months. The average temperature only varies a few degrees from the warmest month to the coolest, and most days you can count on the thermometer landing between 80ºF and 85ºF (around 27ºC – 29ºC). As you watch the temperature drop during the month of December, wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to the warmth of Fiji in upcoming months?

#2: The Water Also Stays Warm


While winter’s cold in the United States and Europe would keep most people away from the ocean and water activities, the temperature of the South Pacific Ocean around Fiji stays pleasant all year. While you wouldn’t do so much as dip your toe into the frozen Atlantic in New York or France, you’ll be tempted to plunge into the water the moment you arrive in Fiji.

Even in January, February, and March, the clear, turquoise water is the ideal temperature for a swim, snorkel, or afternoon kayak. Plus, Raiwasa Private Resort has one of the best infinity pools in Fiji. From our stunning cliffside location, you can float in the warm water and overlook all of the Somosomo Strait at sunset, home to one of Fiji’s most impressive coral reefs. Don’t be surprised if you catch sight of a pod of dolphins enjoying the ideal January waters.

#3: You Can Take Advantage of Low Season Prices


Despite the fantastic temperatures and inviting water, January, February, and March is low season in Fiji. Visitors during these months are able to take advantage of reduced prices and fantastic deals on everything from flights to food. Tours, guided walks, and scuba diving adventures will be similarly cheaper, giving you the opportunity to do much more while on your Fiji vacation. Plus, with the additional rain, Taveuni receives in January and February the rivers, waterfalls, and jungle really come to life – making it a fantastic time to see the jungle at its best!

These low prices are in contrast to much of the Caribbean, where hotels and resorts want to take advantage of winter vacationers and actually increase their prices during these months.

#4: See Fiji Without the Crowds


Another advantage of traveling to Fiji during the winter is the lack of crowds on the islands. You can explore the jungle, go for an ocean swim, or visit a local village, without other tourists ruining the experience. It’s during these months that you are most likely to achieve the dream moment of a Fiji vacation – strolling along a white sand beach that is otherwise deserted.

Of course, Raiwasa Private Resort provides the secluded experience you want every month of the year. Our three-acre property is entirely yours for a week, two weeks, or month, including unfettered access to a private staff, choice of six dining locations on the resort property, and exclusive use of every amenity and facility at the resort. Whether you book for February or high season, we promise you and your loved ones will have Raiwasa to yourselves.

#5: It’s the Most Wonderful Time for a Trip


Planning and preparation for the holidays are exhausting. In fact, this hurried season is second only to the actual execution of your family Christmas or impressive New Year’s Eve party. After everything is celebrated and the festive decorations are packed away, the rest of winter stretches ahead without any excitement or relief in sight. Booking a winter getaway can reinvigorate your spirits and keep the holiday atmosphere all through the months of January, February, and March.

And a trip to Fiji would make an excellent Christmas gift. Book your winter getaway at the Boutique Hotel Awards 2017 winner, Raiwasa.

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