Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Fiji?

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The nation of Fiji consists of an incredible 332 separate islands. From volcanoes to coral reefs, packed into these small, tropical paradises are some of the world’s most unique natural features. It is no wonder that luxury resorts have called Fiji home for many years.

Today, it isn’t nearly as complicated or difficult to reach Fiji from the United States or Europe, and the country maintains a strong reputation as a premier destination for extravagant travel. Among the many resorts and luxury properties in Fiji, Raiwasa Private Resort stands out as the best place to stay. However, Raiwasa isn’t simply the best place to stay in Fiji, it is among the most unique private resorts in the world.

To learn more about the qualities and aspects that separate Raiwasa from other accommodation in tropical locations, keep reading.


Feel at Home When You Stay at Raiwasa


At Raiwasa luxury is our focus. From the arrangement of our property to ensuring a staff of seven caters to a guest’s every need – Raiwasa offers the ideal luxury experience. However, we are admittedly not alone in this achievement. What we do differently than properties of similar caliber and indulgence is provide an experience that remains personal and intimate. It’s part of the magic at Raiwasa. You stay at our lavish villa, in an indescribable location, and still feel perfectly at home.

Despite the luxury offered at Raiwasa, this home-like atmosphere is exactly what we want. Unpack your bags, move in, take up space, and thoroughly enjoy our enviable three-acre property. After all, the entire resort is all yours, so it should feel that way.


A Unique Combination of Privacy and Quality


We considered the available destinations in Fiji and found that guests were often asked to compromise on one aspect of a resort in order to ensure another. The most common compromise was settling for luxury that lacked privacy or privacy that lacked luxury.

Many resorts can assure a sophisticated and spacious guest room for your visit, but can these properties guarantee your privacy? Similarly, booking websites such as Airbnb are able to provide you an “entire house” or even a villa, but this option lacks the amenities and attentive service of luxury accommodation. Want the best of both worlds? Indulge in the combination of privacy and outstanding quality that is offered at Raiwasa.


Outdoor Spaces that Are Beautiful and Functional


The beauty of Fiji is something to behold, and at Raiwasa we wanted to embrace the natural wonders that comprise and surround our property. Instead of isolating our interior spaces, we incorporated wide, glass doors that can be opened to the tropical jungle and ocean outside. Both of our master bedrooms feature honeymoon outdoor showers and an outdoor spa-size bathtub. Even the six unique eating areas are set among the flora and fauna of Taveuni.

Then there are the grounds of Raiwasa. The three-acre property features both trees and tropical flowers that are only found in specific tropical areas. Winding through these gorgeous plants are well-maintained pathways; the perfect way for guests to enjoy Taveuni’s jungle foliage without leaving the resort. The wrap-around veranda and massive deck have plenty of room to read, relax, and appreciate Fiji’s year-round warm weather.


Discover the Difference at Raiwasa


We could talk about what sets Raiwasa apart from other accommodation all day. There are simply that many differences between what we offer and other properties can provide, but also because we are passionate about this private resort. However, some of the secrets and incredible qualities of Raiwasa are best experienced firsthand. Want to learn what truly makes this the best place to stay in Fiji? Come see us.

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