The Diversity of the Fiji Islands

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Every now and again we hear the comment, “If you’ve seen one island in Fiji, you’ve seen them all.” At Raiwasa Private Resort, we wholeheartedly disagree. Yet, visitors that contact us with this assumption are some of our favorite guests at Raiwasa. Within moments of arrival on Taveuni, it becomes apparent that this island is distinct and different from other tropical destinations, and has a culture, community, and topography all its own.

Today, we take a look at the unique aspects of the island Raiwasa calls home, and how consider how these special features of Taveuni are a reflection of the diversity found across the Fiji islands.

Taveuni Is 80% Tropical Jungle


If you are tired of arriving at jungle paradises decimated by logging and development, then landing on Taveuni will be a relief. To date, development and infrastructure on the island have been carefully implemented to ensure the vast majority of Taveuni stays wild. Over 80% of Taveuni’s land remains undisturbed, and the lush jungle continues to thrive.

The desire to keep Taveuni green and untouched comes from local and national initiatives. The Fijian government has made a massive investment in Taveuni’s jungle, by designating three separate areas as protected property. Taveuni Forest Reserve, Ravilevu Nature Reserve, and the famous Bouma National Heritage Park encompass huge swaths of Taveuni, in and effort to keep this island beautiful for future generations.

Taveuni isn’t the only island with distinct, protected places. On Fiji’s biggest island, Viti Levu, there is an entirely different type of national park. Sigatoka Sand Dunes were Fiji’s first national park. With an oceanfront location a unique ecosystem, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes are popular for their walking tracks and offer a very different experience to the lush jungle on Taveuni.

Taveuni Has Fiji’s Finest Coastal Walk


Situated along a small outcropping on Taveuni’s eastern coast, the Lavena Costal Walk is a stunning way to see some of the “Garden Island’s” tropical jungle and offers incredible vantage points over the South Pacific Ocean. The walk is a highlight on Taveuni, and one of Fiji’s more unique trails. What makes the Lavena Coastal Walk a standout experience? Visitors have the opportunity to see waterfalls, ocean views, tropical jungle, ford a river, take a swim, and even travel by taxi boat for part of the hike. The favorite aspect for most people is the opportunity to overlook the ocean from a cliffside, giving a different vantage point than offered on most Fijian islands.

While Taveuni is filled with views, vistas and smaller, secluded beaches, other Fiji islands favor long stretches of sand right along the water. A perfect example is Liku Beach in the Mamanuca Islands, which offers 3,000 feet of white sand in this more remote part of Fiji. Also located in the Mamanucas Islands is the southern beach on Mana Island, which is a holiday hangout for resort-goers and backpackers alike.

Taveuni Is Surrounded by Stunning Coral Reef


The Fiji islands are renowned as a fantastic place for surfers and body boarders. There are breaks for every level and type of surfer across the archipelago, including some of the top breaks in the world. One reef break off Namotu Island, Cloudbreak, is even considered one of the top 10 most challenging and best surf spots in the world. And there are hundreds more. Therefore, it’s easy to understand what draws many surfers to Fiji, but what about other water activities?

Just off the Taveuni you’ll find the top spots to kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, and explore via boat. That’s because Taveuni is lucky to have vibrant and thriving reef within a short boat ride of its beaches. The Rainbow Reef on the Somosomo Strait is filled with species of sharks, turtles, eels, and hundreds of soft coral fish. With reef coming nearly to the surface in some places, Taveuni isn’t just perfect for divers, but anyone who wants to explore Fiji’s underwater world.

Taveuni Is Home to Raiwasa


As if the incredible ecosystems, scenery, and landscapes of Taveuni weren’t enough to make you visit immediately, the island is also home to Fiji’s best private resort. The level of hospitality and overall experience at Raiwasa Private Resort is superior to any other island. Visit us and discover for yourself all the ways Taveuni is unique.

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