Why Are Fiji Beaches Some of the World’s Best?

fiji beaches

You’ve likely heard the hype about the crystal clear water and stunning views found on Fiji beaches. Well, the rumors are true. The Fijian Islands have some of the world’s best beaches and you’re certain to understand why the minute your feet hit this incredible sand. We think it’s virtually impossible to describe the full experience of visiting beaches in Fiji, but have no better way to convince you that this is a place to see for yourself!

So, if you are looking for more reasons to make Fiji your next vacation destination, add these facts about Fiji beaches to your list.

Fiji’s Beaches Are Beautiful at Sunrise and Sunset


Many tropical locations boast a great locale for catching either sunrise or sunset, but Fiji is lucky to have stellar beaches on all sides of its various islands. You can find an eastern facing beach to take a dip and see the sun come up. In the same day, while in the same day making it to one of Fiji’s western beaches for Mother Nature’s nightly show.

Want to know something more impressive? Both of these daily events are equally spectacular in Fiji. At Raiwasa, we recommend making time in your vacation schedule for both. Spend a morning, coffee in hand, while you wait for the sun to make its appearance, and sip wine on our spacious veranda in the evening as the sun slowly sets. Allowing the time for these simple, free pleasures encompasses the purpose of a Fiji vacation.

Fiji’s Sand Is Some of the World’s Softest


Certain beaches look fantastic in photographs, but standing in the same sand is lackluster. Often, the disconnect between an image and your actual experience is the physicality of the beach or other space. In Fiji, you’ll find the beaches are the same as in the photographs. Here, the sand truly is soft and welcoming and the water warm and inviting. There’s no gimmicks or trickery in the images you see, and your experience will parallel what you’ve seen and imagined from photographs of Fiji.

You Can Have Fiji Beaches All to Yourself


We often use the words, “get away from it all,” to describe our expectations for a trip or vacation, only to arrive in a destination and find overcrowded beaches that are more human than water or sand. This isn’t an ideal experience, but we have a solution. Come to Fiji. With 332 islands and thousands of beaches, you can find entire beaches devoid of other people. And you’ll have opportunities to be completely alone or explore with a loved one.

At Raiwasa, we can guarantee that you’ll have at least one of Taveuni’s beaches all to yourself. Our property has a private beach, complete with a secluded bure, kayaks, and paddleboards that are just for your use.

Not all Beaches in Fiji Are the Same


Like many other aspects of Fiji, the beaches here are diverse. For example, the experience of visiting beaches on the Yasawa Islands is very different than the black-sand beaches on Taveuni. In some locations, you’ll find that Fiji’s beautiful jungle creeps right to the edge of the sand, providing a lush green backdrop, while other beaches are sweeping swaths of sand. As it becomes easier and easier to reach different islands in Fiji, your vacation can include stays on various islands and locations, giving you an opportunity to see everything Fiji has to offer.

See Yourself in Fiji?


To fully understand why Fiji beaches are described as the best in the world, you need to see and experience them for yourself. At Raiwasa Private Resort, we can help you reach Fiji’s beautiful shores, and all you need to do is contact us today.

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