Where to Find the Best Fiji Luxury Resort

Fiji Luxury Resort

If you are planning a once in a lifetime trip to Fiji, then you should look no further than the best Fiji luxury resort for your stay. Trust us, the ideal accommodation for your trip exists in the incredible tropical destination, but the problem is knowing how and where to find the perfect place. As one of the premier properties in all of Fiji, we think these five tips can help you determine if a resort, including our own, is right for you.


#1: Your Interactions Before Arrival Are Indicative of Overall Customer Service


Before you book a property, the owner and customer service team should do everything possible to convince you that property is the best luxury resort in Fiji. This begins with timely and informative responses to your emails and phone calls. If you aren’t receiving appropriate responses to your inquiries or personal attention from the booking agent, it is likely a sign of customer service to come.

When you plan a vacation of this proportion and cost, you should expect the staff to ensure everything goes perfectly. Not receiving that impression from a particular property? We say look elsewhere.


#2: Guest Testimonials Provide a Personal Look at a Property


At Raiwasa, we feel the atmosphere, experience, and location of our property makes it the best luxury Fiji resort and one of the top private resorts in the world. There is simply no detail left to chance or customer request we can’t consider at our tropical haven. Yet, we also know that our opinion is a bit biased, which is why we leave it to former guests of Raiwasa to describe the outstanding features of the property and guest experience. When you visit the Raiwasa website, reviews and comments from our past guests are easy to find. And we encourage anyone booking at Raiwasa to read each one!

These past guests can attest to the personal experience of staying at Raiwasa Private Resort, without the bias of an owner or staff member. When it comes to comparing and considering the best Fiji luxury resorts, these reviews have a lot of say, provide unique insight into the property, and often provide future guests with their best information.


#3: The Atmosphere at a Resort Makes a Difference


More than once, we have heard the comment that Fiji is so beautiful it probably doesn’t matter where you stay. Check into one of the overcrowded hotels during high season, and we guarantee you will quickly disagree. When it comes to picking the perfect property, it is impossible for accommodation to rest on natural beauty alone – although location will, of course, matter to your experience. However, atmosphere and ambiance are essential.

At Raiwasa, we know you will find the atmosphere to be exactly right because it is dictated by you. We provide every amenity and luxury to make your trip incredible, but as the only guests on our three-acre property, you can quickly make yourself at home and mold the experience to your preferred pace.


#4: Don’t Settle


Simple and straightforward, if you are looking for a certain quality at a resort or want a specific experience, don’t settle for a resort that offers anything less. Fiji is the ultimate tropical destination, and you should book a resort that can cater to your top priorities.


#5: Book with the Best of the Best


We are confident that Raiwasa is the best Fiji luxury resort in the archipelago. We know that from your first interaction with our staff to the heartfelt farewell at the airport, you will receive a professional and personal experience at Raiwasa. On top of this, Raiwasa offers an incomparable location on the stunning island of Taveuni. Therefore, when you are ready to stay at the best of the best in Fiji, visit our website and learn how to book one of our VIP packages today.

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