Packing for Your Fijian Vacation: 5 Things You Might Not Think Of

packing for fiji

Fiji is a laid back, tropical destination. Even at upscale resorts and luxury properties, you’ll find expected attire is simple, straightforward, and comfortable. However, Fiji’s casual reputation means people are often lax about packing for their trip. While you’re unlikely to forget a bathing suit or flip flops, there are several things that people are prone to forget or not even consider when they pack for a Fijian vacation. When you’re packing for Fiji consider adding these five items to your bags.

#1: Comfortable Athletic Clothes


Even if you don’t plan for more activity than lifting a cocktail poolside while in Fiji, it’s best to pack at least one athletic outfit for your trip. The islands offer several tempting opportunities for a walk or hike, and you won’t want to miss the coastal views or mountain vistas. But if the right clothes are still hanging in your closet, you’re likely to skip these activities. Fiji’s climate is hot and humid, and without an athletic t-shirt, shorts, and appropriate shoes taking on these adventures can be uncomfortable.

#2: Stationary, Stickers, and Other Small Gifts


Gift giving is an important part of Fijian culture. Not only are the local villages incredibly communal, but it isn’t uncommon for locals to open their homes and kitchens to visitors or offer small gifts during your stay. When you’re able to reciprocate, it opens the door for a greater connection with local people and understanding of Fijian customs. If you are planning to do a village tour or participate in a kava ceremony, having small gifts to exchange goes a long way.

The best gifts or tokens of gratitude are those given to the children. In the past, many visitors brought candy or sweet treats, but these sugary gifts can cause cavities or promote unhealthy habits. Instead, consider packing simple stationary or a set of stickers. These are easy to share, pass among many children, and provide a creative outlet. Other small games, toys, or crafts that are easily divided and inexpensive make great gifts.

#3: Water or Reef Shoes


The 1990’s were a high point for water shoes in the United States, but in Fiji, this footwear is still in vogue – and for good reason. Water shoes, also called reef shoes, provide necessary protection as you push a kayak or paddleboard out from the beach and protect your feet from unexpectedly touching with sharp coral. But despite the name, these shoes shouldn’t be used to stand on a coral reef, only helpful in the event of incidental contact. Of course if you come to Raiwasa Private Resort we provide our guests with Reef Shoes in all sizes.

When people stand on the reef, it can damage or kill the beautiful coral. Given that Fiji is the Soft Coral Capital of the World, it’s essential to protect this incredible ecosystem.

#4: Flash Drive or Portable Hard Drive


Packing your laptop? You may want to toss a flash drive or small external hard drive into your carry-on, as well. These portable devices are fantastic for securely storing photos from your trip, and you can upload as you go. Whereas your camera, phone, and other devices are constantly going with you on excursions and outings, a flash drive or portable hard drive stays safe in your room, where it won’t befall an accident. Even if something happens to your other devices, you’ll have all the photos from your trip in one place. Plus, this storage technique ensures all your pictures are ready to sort and print when you return home.

#5: Waterproof Jacket or Rain Gear


Fiji is famous for bright, sunny days spent on the beach, but when packing for your Fijian vacation you need to prepare for all facets of Fiji’s climate. The islands are still located in a tropical climate, and the gorgeous jungle you explore on Taveuni wouldn’t be possible without rain. While the low season months are known to receive higher amounts of precipitation, it can rain any time of year in Fiji.

Even if you are visiting Fiji in the dry season, it’s possible you’ll experience an afternoon shower or evening rainfall. However, a small rainfall doesn’t have to ruin your trip or even keep you from exploring the island during the rain when you packed a waterproof jacket.

More Packing Tips for Fiji


If you have other questions about what to pack for Fiji, send us an email and we will send you a PDF entitled “What to Pack for your stay at Raiwasa”, or alternatively, tips on what items you can leave at home, We’re happy to help our guests prepare for their trip, including advice on what to put in your suitcase for a trip to Taveuni.

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