Take Your Fiji Luxury Vacation to the Next Level with Water Activities

fiji luxury vacation

At Raiwasa Private Resort, we wouldn’t fault anyone for spending his or her days in Fiji doing nothing more than lounging on a secluded beach. And if dipping your toes into our cliffside, infinity pool is the closest you come to “water activities” on your Fiji luxury vacation, no judgment here. Our bures, hammock, and outdoor couches are certain to provide relaxing locations near the water for the extent of your trip.

Yet, for many other guests, the South Pacific waters that surround the Fijian Islands are the main reason to visit the archipelago. Luckily, on Taveuni, there’s a water activity for every interest, and the staff at Raiwasa has the best guides and more lavish ways to experience these water excursions. Whether you are an adventure-seeker or seeking a relaxed afternoon observing the ocean, you’ll find it here.

Keep It Calm Out at Sea


If you want to explore the underwater world around Taveuni, but are intent on a vacation that remains relaxing and laidback, there are plenty of options. You can simply grab some snorkel gear and walk into the water from Raiwasa’s private beach. At this stunning location there are plenty of fish to see, and possibly a turtle or two to befriend. You can spend an entire afternoon alternating between snorkel trips and relaxing on the sand. The Raiwasa staff will ensure you stay hydrated, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

If you are looking for something slightly farther afield than the beach in your own backyard, it’s a short boat ride out to the famous Rainbow Reef or fish-filled Waitabu Marine Park. You can simply stay aboard the boat for a casual float on the water. Alternatively, take a snorkel tour through one of the world’s best soft coral reefs.

Raiwasa also partners with the top tour company on Taveuni to offer incredible snorkeling tours on Seadoo scooters. These fun and innovative water-scooters allow you to cover a lot of ground out on the reef without a lot of effort.

No matter how you choose to spend a day on this beautiful water – you won’t be disappointed. Several guests at Raiwasa say their snorkel trip was a highlight of their stay.

Head for the Falls


The jungle interior of Taveuni is begging for exploration while on your Fiji luxury vacation. And it isn’t just flora and fauna you’ll find on your adventure. Deep in this lush jungle, water activities abound and provide some of the best outings on the island. Of course, there are the famous Tavoro Falls. This set of three stunning waterfalls is the quintessential example of awe-inspiring jungle falls. There are even freshwater pools at the base of the falls for a refreshing swim after your hike.

Less famous, but just as much fun is the Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide near Waiyevo. This series of much smaller cascading waterfalls form a natural, albeit bumpy, ride from the top of a hill all the way to the bottom. It’s become better known in recent years and will even draw a crowd on a rainy day, so whether you plan to attempt this natural amusement, or simply watch other locals and tourists partake, it’s a worthwhile adventure in Taveuni’s jungle.

Morning Exercise Out on the Water


Fiji exudes a refreshing calm at all hours of the day, but by far the most peaceful moments are in the morning. Before the jungle awakes and the sun reaches its peak there is a splendid stillness that seems to occupy the entirety of the South Pacific. At Raiwasa, we recommend taking advantage of this incredible tranquility by heading to the water.

We offer a range of activities right on the shores of our private resort, including stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. It’s one of the few places in the world where your morning workout can include spotting a pod of dolphins or catching sight of a manta ray.

Of course, Raiwasa can’t recommend the scuba diving around Taveuni enough. As one of the preeminent dive locations in the world, guests are given the opportunity to see vibrant, unspoiled coral reefs and hundreds of fish species. And when on a Fiji luxury vacation there’s nothing like heading out at dawn for the first dive of the day!

Contact Raiwasa Private Resort on the beautiful island of Taveuni to learn more about the water activities offered at our secluded resort property and around the island.

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